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Free Knit Pattern: Eyelet Lace Afghan


This is a truly classic and elegant afghan and would be well-received by anyone for any occasion. The solid color makes it easy to match any decor.

You’ll need circular needles to accommodate the number of stitches. You won’t be working in the round; you just need the length. For the first eight rows, you will be working solely in garter stitch. Unlike crochet blankets which usually require a finishing trim after completion of the center, many knit blankets have the trim “build in” and this one is no exception. There is a garter stitch trim worked around it at the same time as the center. Making garter stitch is easy: you simply knit every row. You start off with those eight rows of knit stitch then you will be marking the six stitches on either side for garter stitch on the edges and, of course, eight rows of garter at the top.

For the center of this blanket, you are alternating cables with a little lace. We’ll start with the lace. For the lacy bits of this blanket, you will need to familiarize yourself with the “Slip Slip Knit” (ssk) and “Knit Two Together” (k2tog). I’ve provided videos from Very Pink Knits for both of them below. Both of these will decrease by one stitch. The difference is that one leans left and one leans right. These will form a little point like a chevron in the lace sections.

Yarn Suggestion: Plymouth Encore Worsted


The first row starts with the six-stitch garter and moves directly into the lace: “yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo” and to finish the repeat, you work “k6” which is the set up for the six-stitch cable. Repeat this lace bit with the six knit stitches across. Once you set this up, you’ll be able to see exactly where you’ll be placing the different sections. It’s just this initial set up that requires very close concentration.

On the back of the blanket, you get to take a breather and you’ll be working in all purls across. Whew!

The next row of lace is going to be slightly different. This row includes “sl 1, k2tog, psso”. I’ll include a video below of “Pass Slipped Stitch Over,” or psso.

Let me break it down more simply so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Remember that all back side rows are going to be purl (except the six stitches at the beginning and end, of course). Next, remember that the lace is actually two alternating lace rows on the front side. There are only two, even if the written pattern looks intimidating. There are six knit stitches in between the lace section which will be used for cabling. This isn’t difficult. It just means that you will need to concentrate a bit to get it going. Once you get familiar, you should breeze right through.

Now, let’s talk about the cable crossing. You will cross the stitches on every seventh row of the eight row repeat. The cross is called a “Back Cross” in the pattern but you may be familiar with it as a C6B. You’ll find a video below for this cable crossing. It’s a right-leaning cable which means that you’ll be temporarily holding the first half of the stitches to the back.

Don’t forget that you can certainly work these cables without a cable stitch holder, if you prefer. You’ll do a right-leaning six-stitch crossing on every seventh row of the repeat. You’re still going to have to maintain your lace strips and garter stitch edges.

This is such a pretty blanket. It will be well worth the extra effort. When you first start, trying to keep track of the trim… and the lace… and the cables. Well, it could seem overwhelming. But, honestly, it’s not difficult once you figure out the stitches. You just need to concentrate more, especially in the beginning. Give yourself a chance and you’ll get it. No worries!

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Learn k2tog, ssk and psso with Staci of Very Pink Knits.

Learn C6B with Brome Fields Knit Wear.

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