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Free Knit Pattern: Sheaf Cowl


This unique creation is from Kathy North of Designs by KN. I know that it’s the color that initially caught my eye. I love all shades of aqua and turquoise. On closer inspection, though, I was incredibly intrigued by those long stitches. I needed to read further to figure that out. I’ve never knit anything […] Read more…

Free Knit Pattern: Plymouth Yarn Spiral Rainbow Hat


I love the look of this hat. The thing that really intrigues me about it is that it’s a flat parallelogram. I kid you not. It’s just a flat piece and you turn it into this fantastic hat. No DPNs were harmed in the making of this hat. So, let’s talk about the pattern. The […] Read more…

Free Knit Pattern: Super Chunky Slouchy Shrug


I’m always excited to find a knit project that is so fabulous and yet so easy that it’s perfectly suitable for beginners and will be finished so quickly by more experienced knitters that you’ll never have a dull moment. This project is one of those projects. Just look at it. It’s wonderful. I want to […] Read more…

Free Knit Pattern: Cabled Heart Hat


This brilliant hat is designed by Rebecca Venton and includes pretty cabled hearts around it. So clever! The cables here aren’t difficult at all. They’re not very wide so it would be very easy to make them without a cable needle. Unlike most cables which are usually 4, 6 or 8 stitches wide, these are […] Read more…

Free Knit Pattern: Stonefall Poncho


This is a super hot item this season and I would love to have one just like it. Fortunately, there’s a pattern available. Yay! I’m going to have to order the yarn right away if I’m going to get any wear out of it this season. I live in the southern part of the United […] Read more…

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